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15 Tips on Choosing the Best Bed and Breakfast in Duluth

September 10, 2018

Choosing a bed and breakfast that best fits your needs can have a lot of considerations.  Especially in a vacation destination area, such as Duluth, the options can be plentiful. The key is to make to make sure that the bed and breakfast you choose, can come as close as possible to meeting your vacation ideal.  Here are 15 quick tips to help you choose the best bed and breakfast in Duluth:

1. Location

The location of your bed and breakfast is an important early consideration.  Are you looking for something in the heart of a metro, or would you prefer a location that is more quiet and remote?  Is a scenic view important? Many Duluth locations can provide you views of Superior, or the natural beauty of the northwoods.  It’s great to be within a short drive or walking distance of great Duluth attractions like the Rose Garden, Aerial Lift Bridge, the scenic Lakewalk, and the historic Glensheen Mansion

2. Bedrooms

Half of the experience of the Bed and Breakfast is the bedroom, so it’s important that you do your research on what kind of room you will be getting.  If you want the best, make sure that you have lots of pictures of your potential room or suite, and that it looks like a place you would be excited to spend the night.  It should feel like something special other than the standard hotel room. Look for a unique style and high end decor and furnishings.

3. Amenities

A great bed and breakfast does more than simply offer you a place to sleep and a good morning meal.  The best places will have options for activities in and out of the house such as a game room or a garden.  You may also enjoy special services such as afternoon tea, or freshly baked cookies. For romantic getaways, look for special packages and offer amenities like champagne bottle service.

4. Surrounding grounds

A great bed and breakfast can provide something for the guests in and out of the house.  Look for locations that have a spacious veranda or patio area. Some locations offer flower and herb gardens after spring time.  Don’t forget the about neighborhood your bed and breakfast is located in. You may find beautiful walkable spaces just a block or two outside your door.

5. History

Staying in house and neighborhood that has a sense of history can make your experience even more enjoyable.  A home like the Cotton Mansion, is a beautiful and interesting artifact of the history of Duluth and the times in which it was built.  A house that has historic architecture and stylings, can be a fun escape to a different a life and time.

6. Media reviews

A great bed and breakfast, especially a well established one will often have been reviewed or recommended by various media such as magazines, newspapers, and travel blogs.  A simple google search on a B&B can net you several different sources. Look for reviews from the local newspapers. The best B&B’s may also have been reviewed by a national media outlet  Some B&B’s will highlight and direct you to their best reviews.

7. Public reviews

If you don’t simply want to take the word of the pros, then you should take advantage of the extensive amount of publicly available consumer reviews online like Google.  Websites like Trip Advisor and Yelp can help you see the strengths and weaknesses of every establishment. Although any establishment is subject to a poor review, you should expect at least a 4 Star Rating with an abundance of 5 Star Reviews.  Pay attention to how commenters remarked on things that are important to you like the quality of the rooms, the service, or the meals served.

8. What kind of breakfast?

While a great room may be enough for some, you’re also paying for an enjoyable breakfast as well.  Do you need vegetarian options or special accommodations? What is normally served, and how well is it executed?  Reviews are often a great resource for determining if the breakfast going to be something that you can look forward too.  You may can also call the inn directly to see if accommodations can be made if you have dietary restrictions

9. Child Policy

If getting away from the craziness of family is one of your goals, you may want to look for establishments that cater to the needs of adults more so than families.  Some B&Bs may have an “adults only” policy to ensure their guests have the most relaxed experience possible.

10. Pet policy

While some people can’t go anywhere without their furry companions, others would rather not have to deal with theirs, or anyone else’s, while on vacation.  Most upscale B&B’s have a “no pets” policy, but make sure you know your bed and breakfast’s pet policy so that you aren’t surprised by a bark or two early in the morning.

11. Theme

B&B’s can come in many shapes and sizes.  Some are simply large home’s being used for hosting guests, almost like a VRBO, but others have more unique themes such as a converted mansion or large estate.  It’s not uncommon to find working farms doubling as bed and breakfasts. If you want the best experience, choose a theme that sounds fun and exciting for you.

12. Bathroom

The bathroom available to you can be a significant consideration for some people.  Most prefer to have one attached to their rooms, but some B&B’s may only offer shared bathrooms.  Is it important to have luxury and convenience or simple functionality?

13. Does the bed and breakfast offer enough privacy?

Some people might want their stay to be a private and romantic getaway, others enjoy the socialization that can come with sharing a bed and breakfast with many others.  If your B&B is larger, there may be space to be on your own, perhaps a detached house with just a room or two, so that other guests won’t be disturb your experience.

14. Booking and Checking Out

Completing the transaction should be easy as possible, with all terms clearly spelled out and charges understood.  More up to date places will allow you to book online, and will promptly provide you with a bill either in the morning or over email, so that checking out is fast and easy.  You can check online how this works, or just give the inn a call.

15. Do you like a personal touch?

When signing up for a bed and breakfast, the inn keeper should be there for you from check-in to check-out.  If you have any special needs or requests, they should be ready and willing to help make you feel comfortable and make your stay special and memorable.

Are you looking for a special B&B experience in Duluth?

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