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3 Reasons to Elope vs Having a Big Wedding

May 20, 2019

Planning a big wedding is certain to be two things: stressful and expensive. The dress. The food. The pictures and cake and decorations. The venue, the minister, the honeymoon. When you are planning a big wedding, the list seems never-ending. The expenses stack up in a hurry. A lot of couples have dreamed of a big wedding since childhood. Before you try to figure out where all that money is coming from, let’s look at three great reasons to elope rather than have a big wedding.

1.) Leave the Stress (and the Wedding Planner) Behind

Face it, the time you spend planning a big wedding is very exciting, but it is also one of the most stressful times of your life. There are so many decisions to make, from the venue to the music, the flowers to the food.  It’s easy for the stress to pile up and steal a lot of joy from the most important day of your lives.

Or, you can simply make a reservation. You can even do it online. All you need to do is choose one of our elopement packages and come to Duluth. We’ll take care of all the work. We’ll do away with the worry, the stress, and the dishes. We think it’s perfect if the wedding is for just the two of you. We also think it’s perfect if you bring up to a dozen loved ones.

2.) Elopements Save a LOT of Money

Probably one of the very best reasons to elope is the money you will save. Here at the Cotton Mansion, we offer several wedding packages, including the honeymoon right here in our beautiful, historic bed and breakfast mansion. Our Ultimate bridal package for the bride and groom even includes champagne and cake. We can also arrange for up to 12 adult guests to join you. Whether it is just the two of you or you’re joined by your closest loved ones, the cost is much less than a large affair.

3.) The Cotton Mansion is Elegant and Enchanting

Everyone wants precious memories from their wedding. When you book one of our elopement packages, you will make your first married memories in a historic mansion in Duluth. Take a romantic drive up the North Shore, breathing in the incredible beauty of Lake Superior. When you return, you’ll enjoy wandering through the library, with its rich, leather seating and black marble fireplace or sitting in the living room with its 15-foot ceilings and alabaster fireplace.

You’ll enjoy the beautiful bedroom, each with a two-person whirlpool and many with fireplaces. The exquisite bedrooms are all unique, beautiful and indulgently comfortable. Your day will begin with a delicious, gourmet breakfast, so you leave ready to embrace the day in Duluth.

Why not run away and get married? It will be just like a fairy tale at Cotton Mansion. You can book your fantasy elopement today.

Ready for your romantic getaway to Duluth?