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Few Of My Favorite Vendors: Cotton Mansion

July 15, 2019

We were honored to be featured on Kayla Lee Photography + Design as one of her top vendors…

The history nerd in me has the largest soft spot for historic buildings. I am hard pressed to find too many things that are more beautiful than well maintained and restored architecture. There is also something weirdly unsettling and sad when a beautiful building that has bore witness to time falls due to modernity (or a lack thereof).

This is why the work of Ken and Kimberly matter so much to not only us historians, but anyone who is looking for a one-of-a-kind elopement experience. They are the current owners of Duluth’s Cotton Mansion. While many a tourist turn their eyes to the majestic architectural wonder occupying its place right along Lake Superior known as Glensheen, the Cotton Mansion is not without its rightful place in the Zenith City’s History. Built around the same era as the Congdon home, this mansion is the second largest home in Duluth, second only to the previously mentioned mansion. It was built by the architecture firm Kees + Colburn for Joseph Bell Cotton, the lawyer who would help John D. Rockafeller acquire Oliver Mining Company–the company where Congdon made many of his millions–proving just what a small world northern Minnesota really is.

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