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What to Expect When Booking a Luxury Bed and Breakfast

August 27, 2018

You’ve got a special occasion to celebrate or you want to make your vacation stay something memorable, so you’ve decided to opt for the luxury bed and breakfast experience.  If you’ve never booked a luxury bed and breakfast stay in the past, then expect a unique experience. You’re paying a premium dollar to get a high quality overnight or weekend experience, what should you expect during your stay?  Below are some things to expect when making plans to stay at luxury B&B.

Choosing Your Room and Making Your Reservation

The first step in a B&B experience will be selecting your date and room.  A luxury bed and breakfast may have several different room and suite options to choose from, and at different price points.  You may also see luxury add-ons available, such as a champagne service for newly weds, or a deluxe amenity package that adds other services besides the standard breakfast.  You will want to make sure to book your stay as soon as you know the dates you will want, because these highly desirable locations often fill up fast, especially during the summer weekends.  Expect to see a two night requirement on the weekends, as these are premium time slots for the bed and breakfast to fill. Most high end locations require a first night room and tax prepayment which can be made through their own online booking engine.

One thing to be aware of is the cancellation policy. Since it’s important to these low occupancy establishments to not have to fill vacancies on short notice, there may be a cancellation fee if you cancel your reservation after making it.  If you have any questions during the process, make sure to directly call or email the owners of the B&B. Usually as both the owners and operators of the establishment they will be happy to answer all your questions in detail, and guide you towards the best recommendations for your stay.


When you arrive on the first day of your stay, expect to check-in sometime in the afternoon, and your bed and breakfast should provide you with driving directions to their inn and a time to arrive.  If you arrive at your destination early, feel free to give the innkeeper a call and see if your room may be already be available. At check-in time, enter through the guest entrance of your B&B and look to be greeted by your innkeeper.  If they’re not available, there is usually a phone number or bell to ring that will alert them to your presence. At a luxury B&B, expect to get an escort to your chosen room, along with details about your establishment, options for activities, and details about breakfast in the morning.

You should be able to settle into your room, and get ready to begin your stay.  If there are any amenities that would make your stay more enjoyable, make sure to let the innkeeper know right away so that they can have it ready for you that night.  Expect your room to be clean, orderly and well-stocked with simple amenities like soaps and lotions. You may want to bring your own electronics if you want to lay around and watch a movie or a show, as many B&Bs may limit their electronics to help preserve the theme and feel of the house.  Wifi will probably be available for guests, but, again, it may not be available or very high speed due to the number of devices that would have to share it. The best option is to forget about your electronic devices for a while and enjoy the experience with person who came with you!

Your First Night

Now is the time to simply sit back and enjoy.  After a long day out and about, you can relax and sleep easy in your luxury room or suite.  In order to keep the atmosphere peaceful, expect that your B&B may have “quiet hours” so that all guests can get a good night’s sleep.  If you expect to be out late, that should not be a problem as these inns will provide you with a set of keys so that you can come and go as you wish.

If keys are not provided it’s a good idea to give your innkeeper a heads up so that they can let you know how to get back into the house after hours, as they will often lock the doors for security.  Unlike a hotel, service people may not be actively about at all hours, but normally an innkeeper can be contacted through a number or they may have a room on site, if you have any issues.


The breakfast at a luxury B&B should be a highlight of your stay.  Meal time should start around 9 A.M. and end before 10 A.M. The best places will have a well executed, complete breakfast.  Don’t expect a large menu or a buffet. Most upscale inns have several specialty breakfasts that they rotate through the week and have one of those selected to serve fresh each day..  If you have special dietary needs, its best to let the innkeeper know before or at check-in so that they can be prepared to accommodate you. Most B&B’s will have a common area for the breakfast serving, however some places will allow you to take your breakfast to a porch, garden or veranda on the grounds, perhaps even in your bedroom. Make sure to ask ahead about all your options for breakfast to make it the most enjoyable experience possible!


When it’s check-out day, expect to have a check-out time that is before the afternoon, so the inn has time to prepare for the next set of guests.  Of course you can always inquire about a late check-out the day before if you’re feeling like you want to take it slow that day. Expect to see a comprehensive bill to sign, from the innkeeper, that details all charges.  There shouldn’t be many additional charges, as most amenities are provided up front with your reservation. If there was a designated cleaning person for your room (not the innkeepers), it can be appropriate to leave an envelope clearly marked for the cleaning staff with $3-$5 per night as a gratuity.  A tip is not necessary for the innkeepers, but a positive review online is great way to show your appreciation for an enjoyable stay!

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