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What You May Want to Know About AirBnB vs a True Bed and Breakfast

September 3, 2019

Getting away from the hectic rigors of life every now and then is an important part of self-care. An easy way to accomplish this is to find a nice environment in which you can relax, destress and regroup. AirBnBs can be fine for a mini-getaway or for a quick trip out of town. However, it is wise to understand what you will be giving up when you make that choice.

Going It Alone

What’s your motivation for getting out of town? The AirBnB is good for the quick work trip, but even then, there are certain limitations you may not expect. You will be on your own when you choose the AirBnB. There will most likely be no one to greet you at the door or show you around the property. If you’re in town for a business trip, you may not miss the extra perks; however, if you are looking for a real getaway, you will be missing out on some of the best things offered at a true bed and breakfast establishment.

The Luxury Treatment

At a traditional bed and breakfast, you are going to have service. Not only will you be greeted when you arrive, you will be shown to your room and given a breakdown of what to expect for your stay. Your host will make sure you have everything you need for a comfortable stay. You can expect to be given a tour of the grounds and have your questions answered. Among other things, you can look forward to a tasty breakfast every morning. At an AirBnB, you’ll be making your own.

Safe and Private

An AirBnB is a rental. Often, these places are people’s homes they have chosen to rent to strangers. As such, there may be surveillance in places you least expect it. Your stay is essentially in someone else’s space. At a traditional Bed and Breakfast, your stay is in a safe, private place governed by industry rules and regulations. You can relax and enjoy your visit.

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