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Casas De Alquiler Guanacaste

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One will find plenty of benefits when they choose to invest in real estate. The business makes you the boss of your time and money. You can make decisions on who you prefer to occupy the property, the level of rental fees, and style of property management.

One favorable side of real estate is you can buy a rental house with a small amount and expect significant returns. The possibility of leveraging the property for income generation depends on your efficiency of management and business skills. This is one reason why a landlord may look into hiring a professional property manager for casas de alquiler Guanacaste. Overseeing rental houses is more than signing contracts and collecting money.

Why you should hire a house manager for rentals

Knowledge and expertise

We have experience in handling various complications that arise from house tenants. Our area of specialty in management covers condominiums in Costa Rica. We understand the dynamics of buy and sell and the legal environment of every location in the region.


It is incredibly inconvenient for a landlord in the United States to have to fly to Costa Rica for regular checkup sessions and to iron out of tenant issues. A good property manager is confined to live close to their most demanding area of business. A professional manager allows you to live your life in a different geographical setting and invest in any affordable casas de alquirer Guanacaste.

Rent management

Setting the right figures is not a simple matter of searching through the classifieds for an average amount of similar properties. Although it is a good criterion for setting the rate, there is a likelihood of aiming too high and scaring potential clients. You could also cut down your investment returns from casas de alquiler Guanacaste. Costa Rica brokers have a vast knowledge of the intricacies that determine a house’s value. We will set amounts that attract a high vacancy rate with good tenants.


The landlord has the responsibility of marketing a new property for occupancy. An unoccupied house will have a liability on the balance sheet. Consequentially, this will offset the money that will have to cover for regular maintenance. A property manager has business marketing and financial skills that will keep the property’s profit above water.

Screening and managing tenants

Management of a property does not end when you fill the houses. You have to ascertain that the tenants are keeping the property well maintained to retain the value for successful resale. This setup includes regular inspections and proper maintenance for all issues such as plumbing, the HVAC system, and cleanliness.

Property managers have the right training to vet tenants who will adhere with all your preferred rules. We will contract tenants who favor your laws, such as having a full-time job, no ownership of pets, or hosting house parties. Additionally, evicting clients is not an easy procedure. It has legal regulations that determine conditions around which the tenant has to vacate the premises. 

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