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Duluth Bed And Breakfast

Where does one go after months of working tirelessly in corporate offices? The answer would be something detailing a quiet place for a Duluth bed and breakfast. If you already have a fair share of spending time in the outdoors, you may wish to find a cozy home far away from home. The Cotton Mansion will exceed your expectations of having a stress free vacation without running down your money. Additionally, the place has proven its quality and high-end customer service to both reviewing platforms and former visitors.

Why should you trust Duluth Bed And Breakfast?

  • This desirable vacation place won an award from the Minnesota Bed and Breakfast platform. It held the rank for having the best services to visitors looking to enjoy a romantic getaway. The staff understands the intricacies of a perfect Duluth bed and breakfast vacation and puts together minute details to cater to the daily needs of each one of their clients.
  • The bathrooms have different types of shampoos, bathing salts, and shower gels. The breakfast is healthy and fuels your day for more active endeavors. Our reception staff will also give you a detailed tour of the Duluth bed and breakfast mansion so you can make an educated choice on where you would like to spend your stay.
  • The mansion received another award and recognition from Delta Sky Magazine. The mention stated that the facility was one of the top ten bed and breakfast spots for couples from all around the globe. It does not disappoint both young and old couples who wish to reignite the romantic spark far away from the mundane demands of life.

Who will enjoy Cotton Mansion’s facilities?

  • A romantic couple – The core of this mansion's design speaks to the souls of a loving duo. They will enjoy the fireplace, private bathing area, accommodation bed, and other details in all of the suites.
  • Groups of friends – The suites are close enough for you to arrange a happy stay with another couple or set of friends.
  • A solo traveler – If you like to get spoilt for choice, you will love the Rose room, Garden Suite, or any other picking that will fit the budget of single companionship.

What is unique about Duluth Bed And Breakfast?

Cotton Mansion began its operation in 1908 under the initiation of Joseph Cotton. The building’s interior maintains its steady and beautiful architecture and furniture. It includes unique Mahogany carvings by designer and architect Joseph & Louise Cotton and Keyes & Colburn.

The Cotton Mansion sits on 16,000 square feet of land, excluding the compound. It was a favorite spot for presidential parties, such as Republic Convention by Teddy Roosevelt in 1904. It also has the legendary history of being a natural relaxation area for John D. Rockefeller, the corporate attorney of US Steel and future presidential parties of the eras following Roosevelt's. 

Cotton Mansion is a forest-enclosed getaway boasting of continuous greenery throughout the year. The landscape receives constant landscaping services from professionals who understand the motto of the managing team and the preference of all its customers. This particular bed and breakfast facility has unbelievable friendly prices for all the services it offers.

Cotton Mansion Bed & Breakfast
2309 E 1st St, Duluth, MN 55812

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